Toys “R” Us Deals

This week just like any other, Toys “R” Us has some great deals and promotions! Considering the fact that we have been having some great weather on the weekend, featured product categories include many toys that will be used outdoors. For some products, you can save up to 50%! Here are a list of products that you can buy for your children that will make this summer great!

Push Around Sport Buggy

Reg. Price: $69.99

Website Price: $39.97

This can be great to use on evening walks, a trip to Wonderland, or any of our Spring/Summer recommended activities in Toronto/GTA. Most reviews say that this piece is easy to use, easy to clean and lightweight. You won’t need to lift your toddler out of this buggy either as he or she can easily get out on their own! This push around buggy  is great for children 18 months – 4 years old.

A New Bike

Reg. Price: $109.9

Website Price: $87.97

We know that safety comes first, and so does Toys “R” Us! When you purchase any bike you get 25% off all regular-priced helmets. Avigo bikes  are sold exclusively at Toys R Us and can a great first choice if you are replacing an old bike or buying a first for your child. Avigo offers affordable bikes for kids that are sturdy, and easy to adjust. This week, some of the Avigo bikes are up to 20% off. You may even consider buying a trike, scooter, or skateboard and will still be eligible for 25% off a helmet! Selection varies, and you can find a bike for your child 4 years and up.

Springfree 10’ Round Trampoline

Reg. Price: 1,399.99

Website Price: 1,299.97

An item like this can be a lot of fun for the whole family! Purchasers found that this trampoline is really easy to set up with a very attractive design. Springfree trampolines are known to be the “safest trampoline in the world” by their tagline. This means that the product quality and sturdiness are above average as well. Not only is it great for group use, but it can be great as a “fitness toy” for your kids. There are even setup videos offered by Springfree that you can watch on YouTube to make assembly even more straight forward. The trampoline is great for children 6 and up.

Warrior 6pc Hockey Goalie Pad Set

Reg. Price: $119.99

Website Price: $83.97

Size matters when you’re trying to find the perfect street hockey goalie equipment!  This 6 piece set comes with the goalie pads, a blocker, the glove and a helmet. Separately you can buy a stick and a goalie net so that your son/daughter is all set to play street hockey safely with some friends. Although younger kids can use this equipment as well, this set is recommended for children ages 8 – 14.

The Game of Risk

Website Price: $24.99

Warning: This game is challenging. It helps develop strategic and critical thinking skills and it is a great game to play with friends and family alike. It is a game where players aim to beat their opponents and expand their territory for global domination. The decision to form an alliance with an opponent might be crucial to your success, but what happens next? It is a game of risk vs. reward. See what we did there? This game is recommended for ages 12 and up. We encourage you to play it outdoors when the weather is nice also!

Toys “R” Us has weekly deals from Friday to Friday. The items above may not be on sale past May 14th . This is the time to get these products and send your purchases to any Penguin Pick-Up location that is convenient for you!

Happy Shopping!

The Penguin Pick-Up Team

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