Relaxing Cottage Getaway “Must Haves”

We know that the long weekend has come and gone, and some managed to escape to a relaxing cottage somewhere. If you didn’t have the chance to do so, don’t worry! The Victoria Day long weekend is only just the beginning of summer. We know that if you have the chance to go to a cottage at some point this summer, there are a few things you need for the perfect getaway. Our suggested outdoor items can also be purchased for your backyard to create a different ambiance in your own outdoor space in the city or suburbs.

A Hammock

A hammock is essential for laying out. Naturally you’ll be in the shade, but it is just perfect to fit two people or to spread out solo. Much of Walmart’s Hammock selection is available online  only. Below you can see the Vivere Brazilian Style Hammock that comes in 5 different striped patterns, designed for two.

A Firepit

There is nothing quite like a relaxing evening around the campfire. To us, a firepit is considered a must have because of the natural warmth and relaxation that comes with a bonfire. You might enjoy cooking hotdogs and sausages, or making s’mores. Either way, we know you’ll have a good time telling stories and catching up with friends or family around the firepit.

Citronella Candles and Torches

Citronella oil found in some candles, and used to fuel citronella torches is a plant-based insect repellent that comes from lemongrass. Not normally used as a pesticide, the oil itself will repel most of the mosquitos for the evening spent outside with good company. Lowe’s offers a 60-Inch Tri-Color Bamboo Garden Torch  for $5.99 each. Depending on the size of the outdoor space, you might look to purchase anywhere between 8 and 12 torches.



You’ve got the tunes, but bring the right outdoor speakers to bring your patio party or campfire to life! Outdoor speakers can cooperate in all weather. Best Buy and Polk Audio  offers the ATRIUM 4 speaker model that comes with 2 speakers. Until May 21st these speakers are half off priced at $99.99.


Beverage Dispenser

You could also buy a mini keg! The idea here is that you do not want to go inside to top up on your drink. You can mix up a large batch of your widely enjoyed cocktail and keep it in a beverage dispenser throughout the day. Walmart offers a Gallon Beverage Dispenser It can hold 3.5 gallons of any beverage and can fill up to almost 60 cups. Let’s just say you won’t have to make another batch of punch for a while!

Penguin Pick-Up is here for all of your online purchase needs. Conveniently located across the GTA, and a location now open in Oakville, you can purchase any of the products listed above and ship them to us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Penguin Pick-Up Team

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