Graduation Gift Ideas

It is an exciting time for the almost College/University graduate! Graduation can of the most uplifting, and emotional events they will ever experience. Whether it is your son, daughter, niece, or nephew graduating, they will finally receive recognition for all of the hard work they put into their post-secondary academic career. In less than a month these young men and women will start a new journey in their life.  Here at Penguin Pick-Up we want to help you make this day even more special by suggesting great gift ideas for him, or her.

A Scrapbook

As a parent, guardian or family member of an upcoming grad, you have a lot of shared memories. You probably also have a lot of pictures that showcase those memories. Put together a scrapbook that includes those pictures, but that also has letters from good friends and family that documents just how far this person has come. It will be something that they will hang on to for the rest of their lives, and something that they can look back on when they need some positive reinforcement.

A Nice Watch

We’re going to go ahead and recommend Nixon watches.

For women, watches with a smaller face are in. Nixon offers the Kenzi Wrap watch with a leather band, with a solid stainless steel case. The only problem you might have is choosing one of the eight colours it is available in.

For men, the bigger the face, the better. Nixon offers the Cannon watch. It is stainless steel throughout which means it will never rust or discolour. Most Nixon watches are also known as a divers watch and can be worn in the water up to 100m deep. He can show off this gorgeous watch even the water without a worry! This watch comes in eleven different colours.

Cash Is King

What could a former starving student need more than some money for a grad trip? For an added touch, perhaps a money clip to go along with it!

Pen and Pencil Set

Cross is known for their accessories, time pieces and writing utensils that have unsurpassed quality and value. An elegant pen and pencil set can be a great gift for your grad to use daily. Whether he or she is becoming a teacher, graduating from the business school, law school, etc. you can personalize it by engraving their name. This makes the gift even more personal.

A Nice Duffle Bag

Herschel has made a name for itself and it’s a great brand most young adults like to be associated with. They offer the Lonsdale Duffle bag that is perfect to give a new graduate for their upcoming road trips, weekend getaways and summer music festivals you know they’ll be attending. It comes in a variety of colours and styles.


Keep in mind, these ideas are also great for the teen who might be graduating high school. We’re always open to more suggestions that you feel would be perfect for a graduate. Just remember to pick up your online purchase at a Penguin Pick-Up location near you!

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