15 His and Her Summer Fashion Trends

After doing a lot of research, we noted a few of spring and summer fashion trends. This list is compiled with recommendations that will fit your work, home, and life apparel needs and have you feeling great about your wardrobe this season!

For Her:

Jumpsuits – It is exactly what it sounds like, a one piece! Designed for the season by designers such as Ralph Lauren and Dior for the summer 2015. Make sure to accessorize your jumpsuit with a belt and statement jewellery pieces.

Shirtdresses – casual, dressy, fun, and comfy; sleeveless, short sleeves and ¾ sleeves; very plain Jane or patterned – Not to mention cute! Forever 21 has some great ones like the one below!

Khaki – Safari/military inspired colours are earthy, but not as bright as some of the fashion you’d think is appropriate to wear in the summer. However, it has been a fashion classic for over 40 years and is back in full force. P.S. It’s in for men too.

Nautical – This trend is sail-inspired. So expect to add some navy to your wardrobe as it is the sailor’s colour. It has been a trend seen by designers such as Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.

Lace – It could be peekaboo lace, or not. We’re also not recommending lace from head-to-toe. However, a nice shirt or a nice skirt could be exactly what you need to change things up or to add to your closet.

White Denim – Yes, this is true. We guess this makes perfect sense as you can dress it up, and it is a shade appropriate for the rest of spring and summer. This may not be something you wear at night, but definitely something you can sport during the day casually.

Linen Blazers – Not only are blazers great for the workplace, but linen is very do-able in the hot weather. This is second to cotton of course. Just be careful, because we all know that you have to take linen to the dry cleaner once it’s dirty!

Monochrome – This is a type of pattern. We too had to look into it a little more! Comprised of studs, different materials, zips, and matte and gloss finishes. However, it does have a deceptively simple look we think you’ll love.

Kimonos – This is the item that gets you through the upcoming seasons… including festival season! Some Kimonos designed by Gucci for example, might be a little bit longer than the ones you’re interested in for the summer. However, you will be able to find a nice Kimono waist-length in order to sport it with a nice pair of patterned shorts we all know you’re looking to buy!

Shoes – Flats, heels, Wedges and Low-Mid heels. It just depends on what you’re wearing and how comfortable you want to be!

For Him: 

Skinny-Fit Shorts – These shorts fit really well, and will fall just above your knee. Common in swimsuits already, but now also in a pair of shorts you can wear out.

Bold Stripes – Make a statement and wear some stripes whether it’d be a nice long sleeve pullover for a chilly evening or a short sleeve tee.

Red Not just any shade of red, a BOLD red. You’ll see this as a trend for women as well. I guess red anything will go, but try and stand out with this colour as much as you can.

Cropped Trousers Neutral colours and attention grabbing options welcome. Show off your ankles too, boys. We’ll make sure to tell you just what shoe to sport with them!

Suede Loafer – This is the shoe you wear with your trousers. Gents, do not wear socks with these!

Some of these women’s fashion trends are listed by Vogue, and Men’s fashion trends noted by FashionBeans. A lot of fast fashion retailers offer the above styles and pieces that are great for any occasion. Just be sure to ship your online purchase to us at Penguin Pick-Up and you can pick it up whenever you want!

We’d love to hear what you find most comfortable to wear to work in the summer, so let us know!

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