Green Means GO to Store Food!

Green Pass

Until now Penguin Pick-Up was a non-food service pick up. We now do store food, and we are setting this process up per location. Halton Public Health evaluated our Oakville Penguin Pick-Up site and noted that we are low risk when it comes to being a food premise. A food premise is anywhere food or milk is manufactured, prepared, stored, handled, distributed, etc. The only exception to a food premise is a private residence. Therefore, we had to apply to get a Green Pass so that we can distribute and store frozen food for you! A Green Pass for our Oakville location has been granted, and we wanted to share this exciting news with you!

David Coyle, the Regional Operations Manager at Penguin Pick-Up noted that health inspectors have legitimate concerns when it comes to ensuring food safety and through collaboration with the health inspectors of every region, we can ensure that we create solutions that work. Ultimately making sure we meet highest standards in compliance with the rules of the region that which we operate in.

Most importantly, this includes:

  • Fulfilling Sanitary Standards
  • Employee Food Handler Certification
  • Storage and Removal of Food
  • Food Temperature Control

With regards to food temperature control, we have our own commercial double door stainless steel freezers that are up and running. This is to store frozen food that we will have delivered to our location when you shop online. As you might have noticed, WagJag is the first online retailers offering Penguin Pick-Up as a delivery option upon check out for your online frozen food purchases. There are more retailers to come! With backyard BBQ’s, cottage trips, and long weekends ahead, there is more reason to save some money on the meat you will be purchasing. The meat/food you buy through WagJag will be shipped to us in a temperature controlled van and then stored in our freezers to preserve the freshness of the items you’ve purchased. This gives you an opportunity to shop good deals and a great way to transport food over long distances when it is frozen

Every week, WagJag comes out with new offers on new items and you have until this Sunday to buy sausages, steak, lamb, chicken, pork and bison. We want to know if you’ve ever purchased meat from the WagJag deals online! If you have, we’re curious to know about your experience.

We will notify you as more locations are granted the Green Pass!

3 thoughts on “Green Means GO to Store Food!

  1. I’m happy that this service is now available! I’ve purchased groceries online from Wagjag before and have picked up from local grocers. The quality of the goods has been great! The local grocers where I’m located are no longer collaborating with Wagjag to offer these frozen foods. Now that Penguin Pickup is working with Wagjag to provide a nearby pick-up location, I will, once again, make online frozen food purchases and save $ as well as have convenient access to pick-up! Thanks. 🙂


    • Hello there, thank you for your interest. We are definitely working on it – I would encourage you to register for a Penguin Pick-Up account and sign up for our email subscription so you can be the first to know about a new location opening up!


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