Valet Dry Cleaning Services!

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At Penguin Pick-Up there is a lot to be excited about! New locations are opening up, and we are offering new services at our existing locations every week. Last week we announced that you can have frozen food delivered to our Oakville Penguin Pick-Up location, and this week we are pleased to let you know that you can drop off your dry cleaning at our Vaughan Penguin Pick-Up location!

Exclusive Dry Cleaners offers full dry cleaning services at competitive prices. The added benefit to their service is that they will pick-up your dry cleaning, and deliver it back to you once it’s finished for FREE. Now with Penguin Pick-Up as a valet service location, you can drop off your dry cleaning without leaving your car. The service itself operates on a cycle of Tuesday and Friday, but you can pick-up, or drop-off your dry cleaning to our Vaughan Penguin Pick-Up on any day of the week that works with your schedule!

So here’s how it works:

1. Go online and place your order at – You will then be automatically enrolled as a Penguin Pick-Up user

2. Select that you will drop-off your dry cleaning at a Penguin Pick-Up by also choosing the Vaughan location at 3200 Hwy 7

 3. Enter the next Tuesday or Friday as the pick-up date

4. Once you’ve completed your order, drop off your dry cleaning any time before 7 p.m. at our Penguin Pick-Up. We’ll send you a reminder once your dry cleaning is ready!

5. Pick up your clean clothes at your convenience as early as the following Tuesday or Friday and drop off your next order.

A list of the prices for the services that they offer is also available on their website.

As always, we’re trying to make those everyday/weekly tasks a little bit easier for you! By also diversifying the services that we are able to offer you as a Penguin Pick-Up user, it is an opportunity for us to get to see you more often! We will notify you as more locations are able to offer you the pick-up and drop-off of your dry cleaning. Next is our Scarborough location, and then our North York location!

If you have any questions you can feel free to comment below, or you can reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter!

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