Getting Ready for Prom!

For some, prom has already passed, but for others, it is still to come. The night comes more or less the same time that these teens graduate. Therefore, it is an exciting time and most likely the cornerstone of their high school experience. We see a trend now more than ever where young men are also concerning themselves more with the way they look and feel. However, this post is dedicated to Moms and their daughters! This night is a big-ticket event, and we hope you’ve already begun searching for that perfect outfit. If not, here’s how the process works.

1. Dress Shopping

Some see prom as a really formal event. In such cases, you might be looking for a longer, elegant evening gown. Knee length dresses can also create an elegant and glamourous look. Shorter prom dresses and high-low party dresses on the other hand tend to look more youthful and fun. So, how long do you want your dress to be? Prom Girl has perfected their selection of dresses. You can shop for a dress by event, and use their dress filter to see dresses of a specific length, colour and detail only. And yes, they ship outside of the U.S.! Some dresses are close to $1000, and others just under $100. No matter what your budget is, you are bound to find something beautiful!

2. Shoe Shopping

Once you have your dress, we know you can’t wait until you find the perfect pair of heels. Yes, you can wear flats halfway throughout the night if your feet start to hurt! You see, it can be difficult finding a shoe especially depending on the colour and design of your dress. For example, you might have chosen a dress that has a Sequin design that is Royal Blue. So what’s the secret to finding the shoe that “fits” a sequined outfit? How Stuff Works has that for you! Just remember you’re probably looking at another $75 to $200 for the perfect shoe!

3. Accessory Shopping

So you have your dress and your shoes. Do you own a nice purse, clutch, or bag already? What about jewellery? Enough said! The pieces you choose to accessorize your dress with will also depend on the dress itself.  Aim to add at least 3 accessories, and you can create a theme by colour in order to do so. Printed dresses may work better with plainer accessories. On the other hand, dresses that are simple can handle a bold and wacky accessory. The good news is that you can find costume jewellery just about anywhere. The bad news is that most of the time, you cannot wear costumer jewellery with a nice pair of white gold earrings that you know would already look amazing with your dress! So for this step, really take a good look at what you already have in your jewellery box first. Jewellery and other accessories such as a purse can cost you anywhere between $100 and $300.

4. Hair and Make Up!

So the day has arrived and you need to do your hair and make-up. Because this is an important day for you ladies, you may even choose to book an appointment at a salon for your make-up (We already know that you’ll book an appointment for your hair). Safely assume that getting both done will both cost you anywhere between $125 and $175.

Let’s not forget about:

  • Cost of ticket – Roughly $35
  • Cost of limo – Roughly $20 per person split amongst a group
  • Pictures – If done professionally

Overall, the night itself can end up costing you anywhere between $455 and $1730. But, it’ll be a night she’ll never forget.

Feel free to share your daughter’s prom experience with us at Penguin Pick-Up by commenting below!

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