Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Just as Penguin Pick-Up gave you Mother’s Day gift ideas, we are going to do the same for Father’s Day. Sometimes it may even be more difficult shopping for Dad. Have you ever felt that way? Anyhow, these next few ideas are sure to be something Dad loves!


Price Range: $30 – $150

Expensive, yet so worth it especially if he is a handy man. Some Dad’s know how to do just about anything as long as they have the right set of tools. You may even already feel that your father already has all the tools that he needs. But, does he have a portable 14-in-1 Hammer Tool? We didn’t think so! If you’re not big on the 14-in-1, Walmart has a huge selection of power tools you can get exclusively by shopping online!


Price Range: $35 – $150

Make this personalized ladies and gentlemen! Things Engraved offers a money clip with a leather card holder that has 3 outside pockets for cards and a stainless steel money clip. Dad can tuck this into his front or back pocket, carrying only the essentials.

Grooming Set

Price Range: $30 – $100

Men have sensitive skin, and have a specific brand of shaving tools/cream that they use, too. However, you may be able to get him to try something new. Sephora, known for make-up and skin care offers shaving kits for as little as $31 that includes the 4 things you need for a perfect shave! They include pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm and a shaving brush.

Cufflinks/Tie Clip

Price Range: $85 – $250

Behind all the spiffy, well-dressed Dads, there might be Harry Rosen! Well, maybe not! But, they do offer a wide selection of both cufflinks and tie clips. Made up of brass, steel, silver, in round or a square shape, cufflinks can be a great way to help him accessorize for a nice night out.

Apple Watch

Price Range: $449 – $519

He might be a sporty/tech guy who owns Apple everything… We know a few Dads like that! So get him an Apple Watch Sport. With many different colours available you’re bound to find one that he likes that will also connect to all his Apple devices.

Don’t forget to keep your purchases a secret by shipping your online gifts for Dad and others to us at Penguin Pick-Up. Be sure that he won’t know what’s coming!

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