Cara’s Experience

Here at Penguin Pick-Up we were presented with a challenge. I guess you can call it a game of “chase the package”. Congratulations to our staff at North Park for turning this event into a positive experience for our first-time Penguin Pick-Up customer!

Here is what she had to say:

“I never take the time to write reviews, whether they are positive or negative, but this time felt compelled to put my thoughts on paper (or computer). For the very first time I ordered a gift online as it was not available in store.  Because it was a gift I didn’t want it delivered to my home.  I noticed a sign in the Walmart parking lot for “Penguin Pick-up” so I Google’d it.  I could have my item shipped to a depot and I could pick it up without even getting out of my car.

I could track my package via Canada Post and  saw it had been delivered so I called the depot. They confirmed it had been delivered but they did not have it.  I was told they would find out what was going on.  10 minutes later a received a call saying it had been delivered to another store in the mall by accident, and that they would resolve it and get back to me which they did within hours. When I arrived at the depot and gave my  I.D. , my package was brought out immediately, followed by the various people I had been dealing with.  They all introduced themselves and we chatted about my awesome experience.  I was so impressed with the level of personal customer service in a field where one can really feel faceless.

I would highly recommend  this service to those  who are new to online shopping and those who are away from home all day and have to chase after the Canada Post notices left at the door when they miss you.

I will  use Penguin Pick up again, perhaps next time to order from American websites that don’t ship to Canada. An awesome feature that I am excited about.



If you have had a great experience as well, please feel free to share it with us. Feedback is always welcome as well!

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