Penguin Pick-Up and Shipllama: Hassle Free Online Shopping with U.S. Retailers


Many shoppers have a hard time shipping their online purchases from U.S. retailers to a Canadian address. There are two problems that you could run into as a customer.

  1. The retailer doesn’t ship outside of the U.S.
  2. There are duty fees, taxes and inflated shipping rates associated with your purchase

Most of the time as an online shopper shopping with retailers outside of Canada, we will embrace the additional fees because we want the product badly enough.  However, there is now a simpler and more cost-effective way to ship your online U.S. purchases to Penguin Pick-Up. Shipllama is a service that makes sending your purchases to Canada really easy. With their Online Calculator, they will show you your total shipping fees with any applicable duties or taxes on your package so that you can make an informed purchase decision as a customer shopping online.

Signing up for their service is FREE, just like ours. They do this thing called E-Forwarding where they provide Canadian shoppers an American shipping address so that it can then be delivered to a Canadian address. Offering Penguin Pick-Up as an option for your ship-to address enables you to pick up your package at your convenience.

Shipllama Eforwarding

To provide you with some insight on how it works, we went online and “purchased” a sweater from Vans. Vans does not ship outside of the U.S., so Shipllamas American address was a perfect solution. Conveniently, we chose the Vaughan Penguin Pick-Up location as our ship-to Canadian address, and within 4 business days we should have our sweater! Other than our ship-to address they asked us to fill out some item details such as quantity, unit cost, and product description. Package details also included the number of boxes they’d be receiving on our behalf, as well as the estimated weight of the package.

Between freight, handling, duty and tax, we’re looking at paying an extra $25. Not half bad, considering I wouldn’t be able to get it otherwise!eforward only

For any online shopping you do with American retailers, ship to Shipllama, and pick it up from Penguin Pick-Up!

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