5 Summer Swimwear Trends

la Vie en Rose is well-known for their lingerie products – The way they look, feel and fit. But, they are also known for their swimwear. Many women know their sizes already, and shop online for the extra pieces they want to wear to the beach. Shopping for la Vie en Rose aqua is easy. You can shop by size, collection, or by trend. The best part is that they also offer other beach accessories such as beach bags, hats, sandals, etc. at great prices! We know more than anything though, that you want to know “what are some of the summer swimwear trends?”

Boho Chic

What is that exactly? It is a style inspired by bohemian and hippie influences. You can even call it vintage. Within the Boho Chic collection, you’ll find an array of intricate designs on your two-piece.

Fringed Tops

Whether it is a flounce bikini top, halter or a bandeau-type bikini top, fringes are in. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is in! Some of fringed tops la Vie en Rose offers incorporate the Boho Chic style.

Exotic Patterns

With patterns named “Wild Hibiscus” and “Toucan Print, you already know this line is colourful, and fun! Looking at the collection makes you want to book a trip and go somewhere tropical ASAP.


Stripes are always something that has been part of this summer’s trends for men. But when it comes to women, it’s a go-to for swimwear. From maxi-dresses with stripes that you can wear on the beach, to your more conservative Tankini top, they offer a variety of designs of both thin and thick striped tops and bottoms.


Sail-inspired, this is something we had previously mentioned in our 15 His and Her Summer Fashion Trends, for her. This is probably our favourite collection because it is simple, with classic solid colours that combine other styles like stripes. Either way, you can never go wrong with white, navy and royal blue!

We think that the best part of wearing and buying bikinis is that you can mix and match! You can buy a set, or individual pieces. What’s great too, is that some of the tops that are offered are reversible. Most of them are 2 for 1. Meaning, you can wear the top in different ways. – Say, straps vs. no straps!  If this doesn’t get you excited to shop for a bikini for beach days or any upcoming vacations, we don’t know what will!

Be sure to ship all of your online shopping purchases from any retailer, to us! We are always happy to hang onto it for you!

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