What’s New With Penguin Pick-Up

For those of you who have been paying close attention to our social media, you’ll know that there has been a lot going on at Penguin Pick-Up.  We got Green Passes granted to each of our locations, acquired a few more shipping partners, and ran a contest. New partners include WagJag, Exclusive Dry Cleaners and Shipllama.

You can use Penguin Pick-Up as a pick up point for frozen food, dry cleaning, as well as international and domestic purchases from ANY online retailer. So despite previously blogging about every shipping partner of ours and how we are working together, we never really mentioned that Penguin Pick-Up can really be your one stop shop. I mean where else can you go to get your frozen food, hard goods and dry cleaning done in one store/unit? Nowhere!

Again, for those of you who haven’t been paying close attention to our social media, we had been posting a series of “Benefits of Using PPU” on Twitter.

What are they you ask?

– Penguin Pick-Up saves YOU gas #onestopshop

– Because Penguin Pick-Up saves YOU gas, together we help the environment

– Penguin Pick-Up saves YOU time #onestopshop

– Penguin Pick-Up is a secure pick-up point for all your shopping needs #onestopshop

– Have almost ANYTHING delivered to us

– Efficient Drive-Thru service

– You don’t even have to get out of your car for your pick-up

– Customer service is our primary focus

– We’ll have you on your way in 90 seconds or less

– Our service is FREE

– If the retailer has a shipping cost, it will cost you less to ship to Penguin Pick-Up because we have a    business address

– Open 7 days a week

– You can send us “surprise packages” that no one will see before their surprise

– Someone else can pick-up your package for you

– First time users get a welcome package!

– Four convenient locations in the GTA; Scarborough, Vaughan, North York and Oakville

– You can pick up your packages ANYTIME

– We have awesome promos & giveaways from time to time!

– Shop on multiple sites, but enjoy only one pick-up #onestopshop

– You’ll never have to worry about your package being left on your doorstep

– On route with your daily commute

– Orders are well organized in the PPU units

As you can see there are a variety of benefits of using Penguin Pick-Up for the customer, as well as the environment! Customers deserve the best service, as well as an opportunity to save their hard-earned money and available time. We have an obligation to do what we can to protect earth’s natural resources and the environment we live in.

If you have any other benefits of using Penguin Pick-Up that we haven’t listed, please feel free comment below!

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