Our Favourite Canadian Online Retailers

Knowing that a retailer online or offline is Canadian makes all the difference when deciding where to shop! Two main reasons why Canadians are more likely to buy Canadian brands and products are to keep jobs in Canada, and to support our economy. A product that is made and sold in Canada can benefit up to 8 different sectors – Manufacturing, retail, transportation, warehousing, etc.

When it comes to online shopping specifically, here is a list of our favourite Canadian online retailers! Some of the retailers below have physical locations, and some don’t. Some of  these brands have also been finalists in e-commerce innovation awards given to retailers.


They have become the fastest growing retail site in Canada! They have a wide variety of Canadian brands (amongst brands from other countries), and have strong core values in place. Brands include Lazy Pants, Province of Canada, and Petite and Sweet. With a combination of apparel, electronics and lifestyle products for your home, you’re bound to find something you like.


Artizia’s first boutique opened its first boutique in Vancouver and currently carry 13 brands. They have been a retail leader in North America since their inception, but you probably already knew that. They offer clothes designed on-trend, made of high quality and good value. You will spend more money on their products, but some pieces you buy from Artizia are timeless. Blazers, a nice pair of jeans and blouses are all good for any occasion and will last you a long time. Right now Aritizia is having a summer sale. Online you can get anywhere between 30 % and 60% off some of the summer favourites.

Frank & Oak

With function and style in mind, Frank & Oak design menswear offering a new collection of
clothing every month. So what do you get if you’re a member? 12 sharp and original collections a year, stylish and quality pieces at a reasonable price, and personalized service. Yes, even online, style advisors are available for you. Want to know the best part? The membership is FREE.

Beyond The Rack (BTR)

BTR is definitely a unique e-commerce experience. It is a private shopping club for women and men who want designer apparel, for less. They receive merchandise and provide it to their members exclusive through limited-time events. “Limited-time” in this case, is true to its definition. Usually, their events only last 48 hours. The only way to become a member with BTR is if you are invited by a friend who is already member, if you receive an invitation from a marketing partner or if you request a membership. So if you want to shop online and receive up to 80% off on authentic merchandise, you better request to be a member ASAP!

Aldo Group

The well-known brand has boutiques in over 87 countries around the world and started in Montreal. They are well-known as a company for their commitment to society as they support War Child, YouthAIDs, the Cure Foundation, etc. But really, who hasn’t found a pair of shoes that they like from Aldo???

In business now for +40 years they sell quality gear for rock climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering and hiking.  This was and is still a fairly niche market, but at the time when the business was founded, gear was really hard to find. So, the once small business specialized in manufacturing and selling this equipment. MEC ultimately expanded into camp gear, running gear and travel gear. If you love the outdoors and you’re an online shopper, this is the site for you!


Another online Canadian retailer that focuses on selling green and natural health, beauty and baby products. Well.ca won an award for the most innovative and best online retailer. Features of their website include the “Subscriptions” feature that allows customers to schedule repeated purchases of their essential products and an iOs app that accompanies their website.

Are there any of your favourite online Canadian retailers that we missed? If so, just comment below. Know that Penguin Pick-Up will always be here to receive packages on your behalf. You can come pick it up today, tomorrow or next week – You decide!

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