Back to School Shopping


We hate to say it, but many start back at school and work in less than 30 days. Fortunately, the long weekend being September 4th – 7th has extended the summer a little longer. So the question is, have you started you back to school shopping? We’re not just referring to school supplies, but also apparel, and new gadgets. We’re here to recommend some items that you must buy, to really feel like it’s the start of a new school year!

A Pair of Shoes

Nothing says “I’m ready” like buying and wearing a new pair of shoes. If you’re going back to school, then a nice pair of lifestyle shoes is probably what you’re looking for. Nike, Adidas, Jordan and Converse are all known for their lifestyle shoes and you’ll have a sweet pair of shoes to sport. You can buy any of them online at Footlocker. If you’re the one teaching and going back to work, then splurge on a pair of comfortable, dressy shoes from Aldo (one of our favorite Canadian online stores).

Backpack/ Book bag

For some it will be a heavy duty knapsack and for others, a shoulder bag (if you’re a teacher, usually). We recommend shopping on Bentley’s online store if you’re looking for a bag because they have brands like Jansport, Tracker, DC and Parkland. They also have pencil cases and lunch boxes, if you’re interested!!

New Laptop
Windows or Mac? Well, what are you interested in? What are you going to school for? What sort of work will need to be done on your laptop? Those are all questions to take into consideration, but you know that! If we had to choose a Windows product, it would be the Microsoft Surface 3 or the Surface 3 Pro. Take a look at their website for a quick comparison. It’s great for anyone on the go, and exemplifies versatility at its finest. As for a Macbook, here is a comparison of a 13 inch Macbook Air and Macbook Pro – The decision is all yours!


Staples has a wide variety of nice Agenda’s to use to schedule your daily activities, homework, class schedule and reminders. You can buy a planner that breaks down your day by every 15 minutes, every half hour or hour. You can also buy a planner that allows you to schedule your day up until 9:45 p.m..

Bluetooth Speakers

This might really help you get out of bed. Whether you’ve travelled a lot this summer, have been working, or just waking up late, it is now time to be back in a routine. Try to find a speaker or a pair of speakers that also have an alarm clock built in. You could very well wake up to an alarm that is one of your favourite tunes! The Soundfreaq Bluetooth speaker is probably one of the best ones out there.

Believe it or not, we have more on our list! Stay on the look-out for our other recommendations for back to school shopping on our next blog post. You’re not quite ready to go back to school/work just yet! Until then, feel free to check out some of the products we’ve already recommended and ship them to any of our Penguin Pick-Up locations.

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