Back to School Shopping Continues!

As promised, in addition to the amazing back to school suggestions that have already been brought to you by Penguin Pick-Up, we came up with a few more. These are things that you can buy for your son/daughter or recommend for other family members and friends that you know will be starting school shortly.

Cork Board or Chalk Board
Find a space on your wall to hang up a brand new cork board or chalk board. This can help you remember what you may have forgotten… like that project that’s due tomorrow or the meeting that you have early morning. Can also be a great space to hang up motivational quotes to keep you going when the going gets tough. Kohl’s has a large selection of cork boards, chalkboards and a cross between both. Do something different!


Walmart anyone? Sometimes you can find Hilroy notebooks with 200 pages for only a toonie. These notebooks are colourful, and the lined paper is of good quality. The notebook will not fall apart! Lined paper might do if you’re more interested in using a binder for your courses, but that’s a matter of preference.

Pens and Pencils

Walmart online! Fine tip or round tip pens? Black or Blue? 0.5mm or 0.7mm pencils? Decisions, decisions.

New Favourite Sweater

Similarily to that new pair of shoes you’re going to buy, you’re going to want a new sweater. One that you’ll wear religiously. It will be a sweater that you can wear to school (if you’re a student), a sweater that you can wear at home while you’re marking (if you’re a teacher), and a sweater you might consider even going to bed with.

Phone Charging Case

You probably have many long days ahead of you. If you juggle your time between school and
work, you can be out of the house for up to 15 hours at a time. You could bring your charging cord with you everywhere you go, or you could conveniently put a case on your phone that has a built in charger. This will ensure that you don’t have to carry any cords with you to and from home. Not to mention, if you forget your cord at home, then you will have a phone that’s dead 8 hours into your 15 hour day! Amazon’s got you covered for this!

This time, we managed to include two must-haves for back to school; pens/pencils and notebooks. Regardless of what you’re looking for certain electronics will come in handy. Are you planning  to order from an American retailer? No problem! Just E-Forward all of your amazing purchases through Shipllama and then pick them up when you’re ready, at the closest Penguin Pick-Up.

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