8 Tips for Shopping Online – Black Friday & Cyber Monday Edition

With Black Friday (November 27th) and Cyber Monday (November 30th) around the corner, malls are getting ready for a flood of shoppers, and couriers are getting ready for a large amount of package deliveries. What builds on the anticipation of these two shopping “holidays” are probably the list of retailers that have ALREADY come out with their ads and sneak-peek deals.

Growing in popularity, holiday shoppers use these two days to purchase gifts earlier to ensure delivery by Christmas. The top 3 factors when choosing a gift tends to be the price, whether or not an item is in stock, and the brand of the item. Black Friday sales start the instant the clock shows 12:00 a.m. (from Thursday night to Friday morning).

So, how can you be ready for when the clock ticks?

1) Subscribe to all of your favourite retailers’ promotional emails (You will receive a list of deals as early as today)

2) On the day of before Black Friday (Thursday night), take a nap after work so that you can stay up and shop

3)If you can’t nap, make yourself a cup of coffee

4) If you don’t drink coffee, grab an energy drink

5) Register for a FREE Penguin Pick-Up Account

6) Set up an account with the retailers you are going to shop with (if you don’t have one already)

7) Add items to your cart before the sale starts (some retailers will clear your cart when the sale starts, some won’t)

8) Send your packages to the most convenient Penguin Pick-Up!

If you already have a Penguin Pick-Up account, then you’ve probably already memorized the address to our location and your unique PPU Code! Similarly, if you already have an online account with a retailer, then you might not need to enter your personal information or payment information upon check out.

Remember, if you are buying presents for the holidays on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, ship them to the closest Penguin Pick-Up. We can keep surprise packages on your behalf so that your friends and family don’t even know what’s coming!

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