Frequently Asked Questions


PenguinPickUp, is a physical and digital service connecting retailers and brands worldwide with consumers.  PenguinPickUp provides a network of over 70 pick up locations across Canada, offering customers with drive-through and walk-in experience that allows online shoppers to come and pick up their packages within minutes.

General Information

  1. Who is responsible for my deliveries and returns?
    • PenguinPickUp will sign for deliveries. Returns must be arranged directly through the retailer.
  2.  What if I want to return an item?
    • We are a convenient shipping destination. Please return your item directly to the retailer from which you ordered the item as per their policy.
  3. The contents of my package are damaged. What do I do?
    • If the contents are damaged but the package was intact when you received it from PenguinPickUp, please contact the retailer from which you purchased the item. If the exterior package is damaged, please contact us at (905) 760-6203.
  4. How long are packages kept for?
    • Packages are kept for 7 days. Reminders for pick-up will be sent via email, text or voice. If packages are not picked up within 7 days, a PenguinPickUp associate will contact the customer to make alternate arrangements.
  5. How secure is PenguinPickUp?
    • We are very secure. All of our locations are staffed and we have 24-hour security surveillance.
  6. May I order oversized packages to PenguinPickUp?
    • We do have package size limits. Please click here for our shipping and size restrictions.   
  7. May I order food and perishables to the PenguinPickUp?
    • You can order food and perishables only from our retail partners. Please visit their website for available PenguinPickUp locations.
  8. Do I need to get out of my car to retrieve my parcel at the PenguinPickUp?
    • Some of our locations offer convenient drive-up service, where a PenguinPickUp associate will deliver your package to your car.  Our UPS Store locations only offers walk-in service only.
  9. How long will I have to wait at the PenguinPickUp?
    • Our service level goal is 5 minutes or less from the time you arrive to the time you leave with your package.
  10. May I ask a friend or family member to pick-up my parcels on my behalf?
    • Absolutely! However, for your first pick-up we require you to pick-up the parcel yourself and present government ID. After the initial pick-up, you can have someone pick-up on your behalf. They will need the email with the subject line “Your PenguinPickUp Order is Ready for You” associated with the order and your Pick-Up Code. Click here for more details.  
  11.  What do I need to pick-up my purchases?
    • We require individuals to present government-issued identification. To speed up the process, please bring your PenguinPickUp ID as well. Click here for more detailed information.  
  12. What do I do when I arrive at the PenguinPickUp?
    • If your location has drive-up service, park in the designated PenguinPickUp spot. A PenguinPickUp associate will deliver your package to your car. Click here for details on the required identification.
    • At walk-in only locations, please approach the PenguinPickUp associate for service.
  13. My shipping company says that my package was received by PenguinPickUp, but I haven’t received a notification.
    • We strive to inform you as quickly as possible once we receive your package, which is usually within a couple of hours.
    • During peak hours, it may take a bit longer to check-in your package. If you any questions or concerns, please contact us at (905) 760-6203.
  14. My package has not arrived yet. How can I check its status?
    • Until your package has arrived, PenguinPickUp will not have information on the status of your package. You can check with your retailer or track the package with your shipping company.
  15.  How will I know when I can pick-up my package?
    • We will notify you by email, text or telephone that your package has arrived and is ready for pick-up at your convenience.
  16. How do I order packages to PenguinPickUp?
    • Orders can be placed on any online retailer that ships to Canada. Once you are registered with PenguinPickUp, you simply enter one of our locations as the shipping address. Please click here for detailed information.
  17. How do I contact a PenguinPickUp location?
    • Please call us at (905) 760-6203.
  18. What are the PenguinPickUp operating hours?
    • Our operating hours vary by location. Please call us at (905) 760-6203.
  19. How will I know when new PenguinPickUp locations are added?
    • If you register with us, we can let you know when we open new PenguinPickUp locations near you.
    • Click here to register.
  20. How do I find my closest PenguinPickUp location?
  21. What happens once packages arrive at PenguinPickUp?
  22. I was given somebody else’s order. What do I do?
    • If a PenguinPickUp associate gave you the wrong package, please call (905) 760-6203.
  23. I was given the wrong contents within my package. What do I do?
    • If the wrong item was shipped to you, please contact the retailer directly to arrange for a replacement product.
  24.  I’m having trouble inputting the PenguinPickUp address at the online checkout.
    • Please ensure that the PenguinPickUp address was not used as your billing address. For your billing address, it must be the same as the address used for your credit card (usually your home address).
    • For additional troubleshooting, please call (905) 760-6203.
  25.  Can I use PenguinPickUp for my business?
    • Yes, you are able to use PenguinPickUp for business or commercial-use under a commercial agreement. Please visit our Retailers page for more information.
  26.  I’ve got more questions and comments! Who can I contact?
    • We welcome your feedback! Please call us at (905) 760-6203 or email us at


  1.  What is a PenguinPickUp Code?
    • A PenguinPickUp Code is a personal code that can be shared with others who may pick-up on your behalf. This is not your account password, nor does it provide it access to any of your personal information. It only allows someone to pick-up on your behalf.
  2.  How do I change Pick-Up Code?
    • Click “Change Pick-up Code” on your profile page.
  3.  What is a PenguinPickUp ID?
    • The PenguinPickUp ID is a unique identifier so that we can track the right package to the right person. For instance, if there are two John Smiths who use the same PenguinPickUp location, we can track which package goes to the correct John Smith. This is why you need to add your PenguinPickUp ID to your shipping address.
  4. Where do I find my PenguinPickUp ID?
    • Your PenguinPickUp is found on the locations page when you sign into your account.
  5.  Am I able to change my PenguinPickUp ID?
    • Unfortunately, your PenguinPickUp ID cannot be changed.
  6.  Help! I got locked out of my account.
    • Not a problem! Please call (905) 760-6203 and we will be pleased to assist you.

20 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why would your service benefit me, when retailers will deliver directly to our home and most times for free shipping? Is the retail landscape going to change to your format for online deliveries?


  2. Dear Diane – thank you for your question. Penguin Pick-Up is simply another choice for consumers. It is not meant to replace home delivery or in-store shopping. What we offer is a convenient choice for some shoppers. For some people, they cannot be home when their delivery arrives, or they are buying a present for someone else in the home. In both these examples, it is more convenient to have the purchase shipped to a nearby Penguin Pick-Up, which allows them to pick up when it is convenient. Again, thanks for the question!


  3. Yeah, I have to agree this service seems kind of silly and super niche. For the very few times I am ordering a gift for someone who lives with me I’ll just go through the hassle of going to the store (I can still order online and pick-up in store). And if I’m not home… they’ll just leave the package at my door. I don’t understand what problem you’re solving for consumers…


    • Dear Spencer,

      Thank you for your input! Most people do not have the time, to do an in-store pick up. Keep in mind that a lot of people do not feel comfortable with courier services leaving packages on their doorstep – Whether it is a high price-ticket item or not. If a courier service leaves a pick up notice on your door, you will have to go to a depot anyway. Penguin Pick-Up is located at busy shopping centres, with drive-thru service and extended operating hours.

      Customer feedback has indicated that sometimes it is just easier to have a pick up point such as Penguin Pick-Up en route with your daily commute so that you can pick up your package on your schedule


    • I’ve been using Penguin Pick Up for years as I’m a single guy and no one’s home to receive my package. It’s much better than getting a note on your door saying you have to go the nearest Post Office or UPS the next day! An email and text are sent to my phone so I know exactly when it arrives, and I’m not taking a chance that someone can steal it off my porch.

      The people are also great and friendly! I’m a first name basis with all of them. They’ve even offered to walk things over to my office, since I’m only about 100 feet from them. Regardless of the distance though, I would continue to use Penguin Pick Up to ship ALL of my goods ordered online just because it’s more secure and deliveries will always arrive.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, will you eventually have USA locations and allow Internal shipping between locations? This would allow Canadians to order products from USA locations that won’t ship to Canada


    • Great question Rob! We actually partnered with Shipllama to provide Canadian shoppers with a solution to this problem! Shipllama has an e-forwarding solution that you can read about in our blog here


  5. I think this is a great idea… I buy a LOT of stuff online, and I am tired of my mailman craming it into my mailbox, not knowing when it arrives, and security.

    What is your business model, how are you FREE? If I make an account now, will it be free for life, or will you roll out some sort of payment scheme later once critical mass? It just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.


    • Hi Kevin,

      We’re glad you can benefit from a service such as ours. We partner with retailers in order to pass on the savings to you – We charge the retailer a fee. The retailers on the other hand, will decide if they want to charge their customers when they’re purchasing their products. That may be in the form of shipping fees, order fees, etc.


  6. There are some online retailer that say they do not ship to PO Boxes. Does your address format consider a PO Box? If not how does it differ?


    • Hi Franklin,

      We are not considered a P.O. Box. We differ because we are a shipping location that is staffed. There will always be someone present to sign for your package on your behalf if you’ve used our address as your “ship-to”, for delivery. We also differ as we do not have very many limitations when it comes to the products that we receive. You can ship almost anything to us from any online retailer with a few exceptions. You can read more about that here


  7. I love this idea! I love the convenience of online shopping over brick and mortar. We don’t have a concierge in out building so packages end up re-directed to different post offices / couriers across the city.
    Especially love the idea that drive through service is available.
    All this at no cost? That’s a win in my book.


  8. This is most convenient way to ship all your products to any Penguin Pick-Up locations. I’ve trying to avoid my products to ship to my apartment, but instead ship to Penguin Pick-Up. I gotten all my products ship to the North York location which is the better way if you live in Apartment/Condominium. I really enjoy shipping at Penguin Pick-Up my #1 Pick-Up agent!


  9. I think this is a great idea! I’ve ordered so many things online and then getting a slip saying my package is available at their main pick up location or it will get shipped back if not picked up. (I mean, how many people are usually home during the day?) Purolator and UPS are so out of my way and far from where I am. Having multiple Penguin pick up locations makes it convenient as you can choose the closest one to you. Another reason why this is a good idea is that some of the packages are left on the porch! My bf shipped a laptop (surface book ~$ 3,000) and it was left in front of my door! The only reason why I saw it was because i entered through the front door (couldn’t enter through the backdoor that time).
    I think this is really great, I will defo try to use this on my next online purchase.

    Question though, I read above that you guys charge retailers a fee to ship to a penguin location, so can we shop from ANY retailers? Is there any retailers that can’t ship to a penguin location?

    Thank you.


  10. I believe some/most online retailers only accept orders where the delivery address matches the address on your credit card account … how do you comply with that ?


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