How to Keep Cool in the Summer

As we continue to experience extreme heat alerts, we find ways to keep ourselves cool and stay hydrated. Truth is, there are a variety of ways to cool down, as well as be active in the heat. If you want to embrace the sun or stay inside, either way you can stay cool.

Activities Inside

You can spend part of your day in the mall, a library, or a movie theatre that is nice and cool. This is a good way to catch up on the latest movies, a book you’ve been meaning to read, or buy those shoes you’ve been dying to buy.

Activities Outside

Photo courtesy of blogTO

Photo courtesy of blogTO

Activities that you can do outdoors while also staying cool are things like swimming. Do you know someone that has a pool? If not, plan a beach day out of it. There are plenty of nice places that are close by. Beaches include Hanlan’s Point, Cherry Beach, Centre Island Beach, Toronto Beaches, etc. If you’re going to participate in other activities outside like gardening, watching little league sports, or even playing sports yourself, you may also use a cooling towel on top of staying hydrated. Mission has a great cooling towel that you can find out more about here – The towel itself can stay cool for up to two hours and is used by elite athletes as well as your average Joe.

Keeping cool can be pretty tough to do if you’re not prepared. When you are prepared you can fully enjoy the summer and warmth the sun brings whether you’re inside or outside. If you are prepared, it is still best to stay indoors at certain times of the day. But as mentioned above it can be a great opportunity to spend some time inside doing things that you may not normally do.

What are some of the things that you do to stay cool in the summer months?

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