Penguin Pick-Up’s new alliance with FedEx, a world leader in distribution


Canada’s e-commerce market is growing at an impressive rate, fueling the demand for convenient pick-up and drop-off location for shoppers who may not be home to accept deliveries.

Penguin Pick-Up is working with FedEx Express and FedEx Ground as part of the FedEx Delivery Site Program where customers can pick up their packages and drop off FedEx packages to be shipped.

Pick up: Not home? FedEx Express may direct your packages to select Penguin Pick-Up locations.

Drop off: You can drop off pre-labelled and pre-packaged FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages at select Penguin Pick-Up locations.
Happy Shopping!

8 Tips for Shopping Online – Black Friday & Cyber Monday Edition

With Black Friday (November 27th) and Cyber Monday (November 30th) around the corner, malls are getting ready for a flood of shoppers, and couriers are getting ready for a large amount of package deliveries. What builds on the anticipation of these two shopping “holidays” are probably the list of retailers that have ALREADY come out with their ads and sneak-peek deals.

Growing in popularity, holiday shoppers use these two days to purchase gifts earlier to ensure delivery by Christmas. The top 3 factors when choosing a gift tends to be the price, whether or not an item is in stock, and the brand of the item. Black Friday sales start the instant the clock shows 12:00 a.m. (from Thursday night to Friday morning).

So, how can you be ready for when the clock ticks?

1) Subscribe to all of your favourite retailers’ promotional emails (You will receive a list of deals as early as today)

2) On the day of before Black Friday (Thursday night), take a nap after work so that you can stay up and shop

3)If you can’t nap, make yourself a cup of coffee

4) If you don’t drink coffee, grab an energy drink

5) Register for a FREE Penguin Pick-Up Account

6) Set up an account with the retailers you are going to shop with (if you don’t have one already)

7) Add items to your cart before the sale starts (some retailers will clear your cart when the sale starts, some won’t)

8) Send your packages to the most convenient Penguin Pick-Up!

If you already have a Penguin Pick-Up account, then you’ve probably already memorized the address to our location and your unique PPU Code! Similarly, if you already have an online account with a retailer, then you might not need to enter your personal information or payment information upon check out.

Remember, if you are buying presents for the holidays on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, ship them to the closest Penguin Pick-Up. We can keep surprise packages on your behalf so that your friends and family don’t even know what’s coming!

Babyrama Extends an Exlcusive Offer to Penguin Pick-Up Customers!


Babyrama has been a shipping partner of ours for the last little while, but we figured we’d give extra credit where it’s due! Their specialty has always been baby and maternity products. Currently they are only offering Vaughan Penguin Pick-Up as a ship-to option on their website, but that’s exciting in itself!

Servicing the GTA with their online store, Babyrama wanted to be able to offer customers an alternate way of receiving their online purchases. Implementing Penguin Pick-Up as a shipping option in Vaughan has enabled them to offer FREE shipping to customers who select Penguin Pick-Up. Sometimes they even have exclusive offers on top of free shipping for customers that choose Penguin Pick-Up!

Customers seem to be consistently satisfied with the product selection, prices and shipping options. On that note, this would be a great time to mention the fact that Babyrama does an instant price match both online and in-store at their location in Ajax all year around! This is advertised right at the top of their website with instructions on how to submit an instant price match.

Lastly, you might even consider as a Mom, Guardian, Aunt, or Grandma, that you want to be part of the Moms Of Babyrama Club, also known as the MOB Club.


  • Membership is free
  • Receive additional discounts on top of the existing prices
  • Access community deals, events and family friendly information
  • MOB Club has Mommy Group get-togethers

By the way…

As a special promotion to their amazing Babyrama customers, they will be giving away a FREE Skip Hop carrying case to the first 40 orders that are shipped to our Vaughan Penguin Pick-Up location from their website!


**No minimum purchase necessary. One per customer/household, while quantities last.**


What YOU Need for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner whether you celebrate it on Sunday or Monday, and whether you celebrate it at home or at the cottage, it’s a holiday most of us really look forward to! But why? Could it be the abundance of food? How about all of the great time you get to spend with family? Maybe we enjoy it because it’s a true indication that fall is actually here! Fall is a season that is widely enjoyed for many reasons.

But, the focus here is still on Thanksgiving! Here are 5 things you can do today to ensure that you have everything you need for the big dinner!

1) Create Your Menu

Most have already thought this through. In the event where you have not, know that this doesn’t take very long! Think back to how your family normally eats on Thanksgiving and prepare something similar. Do you intend on having hors d’oeuvres, a starter and then your turkey and side dishes? Do you want to make a toast with your guests that afternoon/evening with a special punch recipe you’ve made?

2) Go Through Your Cupboards

You probably have everything you need utensil/appliance-wise. If this is your first time hosting thanksgiving though, you might not. Here’s what you’ll need for the turkey alone:

All of the items listed above, you can find at Walmart!

3) Go Through Your Recipe Book

Try to make some changes his will be a great surprise. You, your family and friends may be used to the traditional mashed potato or carrot recipe, so why not switch something up? If you’ve been doing this thing called “cooking” for a while, go through your old recipes and tweak them. Either by changing some ingredients in the recipe or adding to it, people will notice the difference, we promise!

4) Fruit? Dessert?

Now is the time to ask your guests to bring any additional dishes. Usually the standard is dessert or a fruit platter. Yes, you can still make your infamous pumpkin pie! No, you shouldn’t have to make another 3 desserts and prepare the fruit platter as host!

5) Line-Up Some Family Fun!

This could be in the form of a board game, card games or some time well-spent around the campfire making s’mores. Some family favourites are Cranium, Apples to Apples, Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. All of which you can buy online at Toys “R” Us!

Enjoy and take advantage of these tips to change things up this Thanksgiving holiday! Order any appliances, or board games that you need for family fun online to complete this occasion, and ship it to us at Penguin Pick-Up!

Penguin Pick-Up Partners with Teknotik

Autoshow 2014 Many of you have read up on the number of unique shipping partners we have here at Penguin Pick-Up. Most recently, we’ve partnered with Teknotik  for all of our customers who are auto enthusiasts. They have been in business for over 10 years and they are active in the local car community as they sponsor racers in the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS).

Teknotik is a Canadian company that offers high performance car parts for Acura and Honda vehicles and they ship packages across the country every day. Customers receive great service as the Teknotik staff are able to make solid recommendations and relay any additional information regarding specific car parts. The knowledge and experience they provide you with comes from installing and using the parts that they sell, themselves.

Want to know the best part? They have a price match policy to offer the lowest price on their car parts! Not to mention, they have a loyalty program that allows their customers to save money on future purchases.

skootermedia.comIf you want to talk to one of their experts, they have a Canada wide toll free number as well as a live online chat. If you don’t own a Honda or Acura, don’t worry; they can also get aftermarket performance car parts for many other makes and models.

Now you have the option to go online, and purchase car parts for your Honda/Acura that range from upgraded brakes, performance engine parts, to adjustable suspensions and exhaust. As always, you can ship your online purchase to us! Teknotik has made it especially easy for customers to send their packages to our four locations by offering Penguin Pick-Up as a delivery option right on their website.

Back to School Shopping Continues!

As promised, in addition to the amazing back to school suggestions that have already been brought to you by Penguin Pick-Up, we came up with a few more. These are things that you can buy for your son/daughter or recommend for other family members and friends that you know will be starting school shortly.

Cork Board or Chalk Board
Find a space on your wall to hang up a brand new cork board or chalk board. This can help you remember what you may have forgotten… like that project that’s due tomorrow or the meeting that you have early morning. Can also be a great space to hang up motivational quotes to keep you going when the going gets tough. Kohl’s has a large selection of cork boards, chalkboards and a cross between both. Do something different!


Walmart anyone? Sometimes you can find Hilroy notebooks with 200 pages for only a toonie. These notebooks are colourful, and the lined paper is of good quality. The notebook will not fall apart! Lined paper might do if you’re more interested in using a binder for your courses, but that’s a matter of preference.

Pens and Pencils

Walmart online! Fine tip or round tip pens? Black or Blue? 0.5mm or 0.7mm pencils? Decisions, decisions.

New Favourite Sweater

Similarily to that new pair of shoes you’re going to buy, you’re going to want a new sweater. One that you’ll wear religiously. It will be a sweater that you can wear to school (if you’re a student), a sweater that you can wear at home while you’re marking (if you’re a teacher), and a sweater you might consider even going to bed with.

Phone Charging Case

You probably have many long days ahead of you. If you juggle your time between school and
work, you can be out of the house for up to 15 hours at a time. You could bring your charging cord with you everywhere you go, or you could conveniently put a case on your phone that has a built in charger. This will ensure that you don’t have to carry any cords with you to and from home. Not to mention, if you forget your cord at home, then you will have a phone that’s dead 8 hours into your 15 hour day! Amazon’s got you covered for this!

This time, we managed to include two must-haves for back to school; pens/pencils and notebooks. Regardless of what you’re looking for certain electronics will come in handy. Are you planning  to order from an American retailer? No problem! Just E-Forward all of your amazing purchases through Shipllama and then pick them up when you’re ready, at the closest Penguin Pick-Up.